English Vinglish (2012) - LookMovie Full Movie Online Free

English Vinglish (2012) - LookMovie Full Movie Online Free

You're watching English Vinglish full movie 123 free online on LookMovie.la - A woman who does not know English is made to feel insecure by her family and society at large. Circumstances make her determined to overcome this insecurity, master the language, and teach the world a lesson on the way to becoming a self assured and confident woman. To watch English Vinglish (2012) online free on Look-Movie: just click the big Play button above, and it'll start streaming instantly without signing up required or any delay.

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family

Director: Gauri Shinde

Country: India

Homepage: https://erosnow.com/movie/watch/1004656/...

Duration: 134 min

Release: 2012

Rated: Not Rated

IMDb: 7.8 (34,558 votes)

Cast: Adil Hussain, Amitabh Bachchan, Ashwin Mathew, Mehdi Nebbou, Navika Kotia, Priya Anand, Rajeev Pahuja, Shivansh Kotia, Sridevi, Sujata Kumar, Sulabha Deshpande, Sumeet Vyas

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